Super Duty Axle Parts Kits

We have tried to make up kits to make it easier to get you everything you need at once. Some Have Greasable U-joints. Some have Non-Maintenance U-Joints. Some are for the Dana 50 some for the Dana 60 Front Axle.

There are Two different axles used in the Ford Super Duty front.

1999-2004 Had the same Seals, Shafts, Bearings And U-joints (The only difference is the pinion seal. This is different depending on if you have a Dana 50 or Dana 60)

2004-Present Used what they call a “Super 60” front axle

We have kits made up for both styles of axles.

If you cant find what you need exactly give us a call and we can put the parts together for you and make a custom kit.